Life is an adventure [MY adventure] & I love it. I love laughing. Outgoing and spontaneous. Yellow is the best color ever.
My daily mantra : "Positive energy is contagious. Pass it on."

Going with the flow and letting go… :)

It  has been far too long since I have blogged! Oh my stars! Life has been a bit everywhere I must say… Where in the heck does one begin??? [Apologies in advance for the silly crap you’re about to endure but when the heart speaks, it’s tough to edit. Just letting it flow…]

Perhaps, the best start is with the VERY sure fact that I have realized that I need to go to school and get a degree (or degrees) in a field of study that holds my heart and always has: COMPUTER SCIENCE and MF’n ENGINEERING!!! lol. I don’t see how much more in my face that could possibly be. I’ve only loved computers ever since.. Well, my first word was probably gigabyte! Ok, it wasn’t but it should have been!

Moving on: I am one happypersonal assistant! After FINALLY learning to let go [even more so than before] I have uprooted myself from what I had always known and what always remained the same.Being needed but consistently reminded of one’s appreciation, is a blessing. 

Now, I am on a path that has no certain end, and I love it. 

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"Why?!" we all ask in unison… Why…

So many questions we all want answered, but we are left with nothing. Twenty years old, was the shooter. He was still a child learning what life is all about himself and to commit such a disgraceful sin? What for? Broken. Hearts are broken all across our nation and all over the world. We all ask together WHY? We can all ask why, we can all be hurt, together, but still, this won’t make us come together. Love is powerful. Affection is powerful. The shooter was not loved nor shown nor was he told. He was ignored in a world that he just could not understand and saw this as his only escape [is what it seems]. No, I am NOT sticking up for him but using him as an example. We all need to love and care about each other but when will we wake up and realize it?! How many more deaths is it going to take??? We are going to hurt together, ask why together, and continue to witness, TOGETHER, but when are we ever going to come together? Now, more than ever, we need each other

Respect… Find out what it means to me.

There may be those that we don’t like or enjoy being around but it’s refreshing that others know how to keep the peace by being civil. What a powerful word hate is and a WASTE of brain space it demands! The opposite of hate is love, and when we love someone, they stay on our minds: The same goes for hate. (I don’t personally hate others because of this fact. I don’t have time to think about those I don’t particularly care about. There are far more important things in life than that. Hate clouds proper judgment, and by judgment, I mean, gaining personal perspectives and insights about all of the good things life has to offer.)

Some things in life that we just can not control, and if we can’t control it, why waste the time thinking about it? All that creates is stress, anger, resentment, and our own personal “drama”. [Oh, that lovely 5-letter word…] If it is out of our control, it will not change, just like some don’t/won’t change. It would be great if we could all practice this act instead of pretending to like one another. The misunderstandings that come from that are endless. Pretending is being fake. Being civil does not mean we have to pretend; it just means we know how to respect the peace as others do, too. But, again, it’s that imperfect world we live in.

Respect is the cement that builds friendships and relationships but it is also something that would create a world of change if we could just all jump on board. I’ll continue to practice my acts of respect and kindness and hope for a better tomorrow for all of us. :) Hoping this spreads [not this blog, necessarily, but my positivity]. Thank you for taking the time to read. Much appreciated.

Peace & love